Organisational and behavioural diagnostics

How inclusive is your organisation?

How aware are leaders and managers of inclusive behaviours?

What about your staff? How do they feel at work? Do they feel like they belong?

Could you describe your organisation's culture?

Is it safe for people to be themselves and challenge authority openly?

The above questions are just a few examples of the different areas that can be measured in organisations. There are lot's of diversity questionnaires and surveys that ask high-level questions but how can you really dig deep and understand what staff are really feeling? 

We offer both qualitative and quantitative methods for measuring inclusion, belonging and engagement. For example, our diagnostic surveys draw from existing psychological research on concepts such as psychological safety, micro-aggressions, in and out-groups, unconscious bias, trust and many others. 

Some of our diagnostics include: 

  • Inclusive Leadership Diagnostic (including 360-degree insights)

  • Organisational cultural and behavioural diagnostics

  • Diversity and Inclusion Maturity diagnostics

  • Included Voice Qualitative diagnostic

All of our diagnostics are designed to be tailored to your organisation's specific needs and we can have several diagnostics running at the same time to help identify correlations (for example, leadership behaviour and the diversity climate of employees).